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To promote and defend the Biblical view of marriage and family through...
  1. Education. ATM's website provides many resources: books and articles by President Scott Lively, links to pro-family organizations, and an extensive archive of family-related news.

  2. Training. Attorney Lively speaks extensively in sermons, speeches, and conferences, empowering listeners to become more effective advocates for the family.

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Religion Facebook Censoring the Bible
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: WND
Date: 27-Feb-2018 
“Does he approve what his company has done against the Jewish Scriptures? Is he aware? “Or does he think that Facebook is now bigger, greater and more important than the holy Jewish and Christian Scriptures?”
Media and Culture Why the Black Panther Movie is So Successful
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Media and Culture' topic
source: Washington Times
Date: 22-Feb-2018 
No homosexual characters
International Why the American Left Hates Russia
perspective: pro-family
from the 'International' topic
source: Last Days Watchman
Date: 15-Feb-2018 
From our friend Julio Sevaro
International IT CAN BE DONE! Repeal of 'Gay Marriage' in Bermuda
perspective: neutral
from the 'International' topic
source: Guardian
Date: 08-Feb-2018 
First country in the world but hopefully indicating a new trend


Seven Steps To Recruit-Proof Your Child
A concise, practical guidebook for parents who wish to protect their children from pro-homoesxual indoctrination and the possibility of recruitment into the homosexual lifestyle.

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"Gay" Recovery
· Young Man Repents of 'Gay' Christianity
· Ex-'Gay' is Here to Stay
· Milo and the 'Stockholm Syndrome' of Sodom
· Why Won’t the Gay Theologians Debate?
Business World
· Google and Facebook Abuses Offer Glimpse of Dangerous Future
· Moslems Boycott Starbucks
· You Can't Sell Blueberries Unless You Affirm "Gay Marriage"
· Target Doubles Down on "Gay" Pride Despite Losing Bathroom War
· Adopted Baby Girl Murdered by 'Gay' Adoptive 'Dad'
· Male Stripper Stabs Partner in Eyes
· Male prostitute, 26, dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high-profil...
· Transgender Criminal Insanity
Funding of "Gay" Agenda
· Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elect...
· Citizens confront corporate America’s lavish funding of the national homo...
· Obama has global strategy – for LGBT campaign
· NASA sponsors gay pride parade in the midst of shutdown
Hate Crimes & Fraud
· Big List of 'Gay' Hate Crime Hoaxes
· Police: Gay YouTuber Faked Hate Crime Attack on Himself
· Homosexual Faux-Pastor Admits to Hate Crime Hoax
· Tennessee lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson...
· The Leftist Ownership of 'White Supremacy'
· Archaeologist Believes to Have Discovered Location of Biblical Sodom, But O...
· Islam Is The Religion of Homosexuality and Pedophilia
· WND Posts Seminal Analysis of LGBT Agenda
· NOT 'Just Another Sin' Video Brochure
· Treasonous Chick-Fil-A Sponsors 'Gay' Heresy Project
· The gay men turning to the far right in Germany
· Former Diplomat Warns: The LGBT Ideology is 'Inherently Totalitarian'
· 'Gay' Brownshirts Threaten to Burn Baker's Home, Rape Child
· Illinois Christian Businessman Fined $80k for His Faith — But There is...
· Why the American Left Hates Russia
· IT CAN BE DONE! Repeal of 'Gay Marriage' in Bermuda
· UN LGBT Czar Resigns
· Swamp Central: US State Department
· Homosexual Islamist Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot
· 'World Vision' Losing Sight of the Bible
· Post-Obergefell, Moslems demand polygamy
· The Christian Solution to Jihad
Legal Issues
· Mississippi Pro-Family Law Stands!
· SPLC Cash Glut to Fund Anti-Christian Hate Campaign
· Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation
· Culture War Victory Still Possible for Conservatives
Marriage and Family
· The Bisexual T**d in the Gay Wedding Punchbowl
· Obama Mocks God in Response to 'Gay Marriage' Ruling
· Transvestite’s Sick Prank on Girl Not the Worst
Media and Culture
· Why the Black Panther Movie is So Successful
· The Fake Jews Behind Fake News and the True Jews Whose Friends are Few
· CNN Fires Gay Icon Kathy Griffin After Trump Beheading Stunt
· Gay activists seek to ban new movie ‘Pink’ depicting kids suffering fro...
· Air Force Punishes Colonel Who Failed to Affirm 'Gay Marriage'
· Pentagon Stops Using Anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center
· June is SSAD Shame Month in the US Navy
· Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1
· The Rainbow Belongs to God Music Video
· The Bullies of ‘Banned Books Week’
· The Left Isn’t Pro-Gay — It’s Pro-Power
· Government survey: Gay population smaller than previously thought
· Time to Bring SPLC to Justice
· Three Quick Lessons from the 'Borking' of Judge Roy Moore
· Toxic Feminism Part Two
· The Lynching of Judge Roy Moore
Pro-Family Advocacy
· The Separation of LGBT and State
· Evangelical Wimpism
· Experiment in Kyrgyzstan: The Natural Life Movement
· Facebook Censoring the Bible
· Catholic League: 'Homosexuals Committed Most of the Abuse'
· 'Gay' Theology Destroys Nashville Church
· Zionism, Antisemitism and Christianity
· The People’s Brexit Victory and the Globalist’s Revenge
· Pray for the Liberation of England
· Let the Backlash Begin!
· Russians, Resets and Recusal
· Dr. Lively Feaured in Major Russian Documentary
· Russia v the LGBT Globalists -- A Climate of Hate and Fear, Part Two
Schools and Colleges
· Christianity v 'Gay' Rights in New Lawsuit
· School 'Transitioned' 11-Year-Old Girl to Transgender Boy Behind Parents Ba...
· Texas Parents vs LGBT Activists re 'Gay' Agenda in Schools
· Judgement, Mercy and Milo Yiannopoulos
Science and Medicine
· What's Next on the 'Gay' Agenda after Transgenderism?
· LGBTQ's Target Top Psychiatrist for Debunking Gender Myths
· LGBT Movement’s Other Goal: Lower Age of Consent to 10 Years Old
· Outcry over Study that Challenges LGBTQ Narrative
Sexual Orientations
· 'Abuse:' Boston Globe Slams Academy Award Nominated Homosexual Film that No...
· Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal Part Three
· Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal Part Two
· Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal Part One
· Basketball coaching hopeful was denied a job. She says it’s because she...
· Lesbians Make Life Hell for Normal Sports Player
· Faith, Family and NFL Football
· Olympics now banned from any country restricting spread of homosexuality
Street Activism
· The American Communists are Ready to Riot
· World War 'D'
· Canadian Homofascists Sue Bill Whatcott for 'Punking' Them at 'Gay Pride' P...
· Ruth Bader Duterte and the 'Hit' on Donald Trump
· Return to the Lion's Den in the SMUG v Lively Case
· Christian pro-family leader wins five-year battle against ‘frivolous’ L...
· Judge dismisses 'crimes against humanity' suit against anti-gay Springfield...
· Pederasts Lure Boys Into Online Porn by Posing as Girls
· Pediatricians Group Calls Child Transgender Efforts Abuse
· Franklin Graham: ‘All Churches Should Pull Out of the Boy Scouts Organiza...
· LGBT Activist Attempts to Gain Christian’s Trust. Don’t Fall For It.

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