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Religion The Forgotten Last Days Warning About Homosexuality in the Bible
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Religion' topic
Date: 26-Nov-2015 
A dangerous modern heresy called 'gay theology' is infiltrating the Christian church at an alarming pace. This article will equip believers to defeat it.
Pro-Family Advocacy 'Gay' Agenda? What 'Gay' Agenda?
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Pro-Family Advocacy' topic
Date: 24-Nov-2015 
Mentioning the “gay” agenda in the presence of an LGBT activist or any other Cultural Marxist is like pulling the string on a Sheriff Woody doll, you hear precisely the same recording each time: “What gay agenda? There is no gay agenda.”
Resistance Let the Backlash Begin!
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Resistance' topic
Date: 23-Nov-2015 
Obergefell, it seems, did much more than create an LGBT Roe v Wade. It awakened the sleeping giant of the Christian church while concurrently creating an immediate and actual justification for our civil rebellion.
Crime Lesbian kills lover, self in Illinos home invasion
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Crime' topic
source: Culture News
Date: 17-Nov-2015 
Tried to kill the children in the home as well but missed
perspective: neutral
from the 'Crime' topic
source: AP
Date: 17-Nov-2015 
A man who killed and dismembered his boyfriend, leaving the head near the Hollywood sign, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.
Legal Issues Justice Anthony Kennedy likens US Supreme Court to Hitler's judiciary on same-sex marriage decision
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Legal Issues' topic
source: Christianity Today
Date: 08-Nov-2015 
Missing in this story is the fact that the Nurenberg Court prosecuting the Third Reich officials, led by US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, ruled that Nazi state laws that violated the higher natural law were invalid on their face.
Politics Decisive Bevin Victory is Culture War Game-Changer
perspective: neutral
from the 'Politics' topic
source: Courier-Journal
Date: 05-Nov-2015 
With an 80,000 vote margin, outspoken pro-family hero Matt Bevin was elected to the governorship of Kentucky.
Resistance Slam-Dunk Houston Repeal of LGBT Special Rights Stirs Leftist Bile
perspective: anti-family
from the 'Resistance' topic
source: Houston Chronicle
Date: 05-Nov-2015 
Thank God for men like Dr. Holze who stay faithful to Biblical standards despite the Marxist-orchestrated "tide of history." Notice how the leftist media always personalizes the face of their opposition as a symbol of "hate" and suppresses all facts unfavorable to the left, such as the nearly 2 to 1 pro-family vote total, the amazing turnout doubling both of the last two elections, and the 3-1 money advantage of the "gays."
Homo-Heresy Treasonous Chick-Fil-A Sponsors 'Gay' Heresy Project
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Homo-Heresy' topic
source: WND
Date: 01-Nov-2015 
Putting its pursuit of profits ahead of the Gospel, Chick-fil-A is now listed as a sponsor for Level Ground, a “faith-based LGBT film festival,” reports Christian News Network. Time for a boycott.
Business World Dan Cathy Takes the Mark of the Beast
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Business World' topic
Date: 31-Oct-2015 
Dan Cathy was given a great opportunity by God to show faithfulness to His truth by standing for authentic marriage. Reprinted from 3/26/14
Religion Churches warned: 'Tidal wave of gay theology' looming
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: WND
Date: 30-Oct-2015 
Reprinted from 6/23/13: The American church is about to come under spiritual and cultural warfare the likes of which we have never seen and which most are not prepared for.
History Archaeologist Believes to Have Discovered Location of Biblical Sodom, But One Thing Remains a Mystery
perspective: pro-family
from the 'History' topic
source: Breakingisraelnews
Date: 25-Oct-2015 
“Then the Lord said, ‘The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.’” (Genesis 18:20)
Religion Conservatives prevail on 'gay' issues at Vatican synod
perspective: anti-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: Yahoo News
Date: 25-Oct-2015 
Reporter clearly biased on this story in focusing in 'gay persons' and not the conduct that they self-define by.
Religion No, Christianity Should Not ‘Welcome’ or ‘Include’ Your Sinful Lifestyle
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: The Blaze
Date: 18-Oct-2015 
I’m tired of hearing this “inclusive” stuff. Yes of course the Faith is made for people like you. It’s made for all people. It’s not a cult or a club. There’s no entrance exam or membership fee. Christianity is for everyone. If that’s what you mean by “inclusive,” fine, but a better word would be “universal.” In any case, that isn’t what you mean, is it?
Religion Was 'Gay' Priest Firing a Devious Tactic to Discredit 'Gay Lobby' Claims?
perspective: neutral
from the 'Religion' topic
source: Yahoo News
Date: 11-Oct-2015 
Conspiracy Theory: Pope Benjamin was removed by 'gay lobby' in a Vatican coup for confirming its existence, and was replaced with Francis who is incrementally advancing the 'gay' agenda (but far too fast for the conservatives to acquiesce to it). This priest's high profile "coming out" and subsequent firing is a tactic to re-close the curtain of secrecy while also giving political cover to Francis.

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