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Hey SPLC, Part II
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Pro-Family Advocacy' topic

Source: In House

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Hey SPLC, Part II

By Pastor Scott Lively

Lets just get right down to brass tacks about the Southern Poverty Law Center and its campaign against social conservatives. And I’m going to gently correct a few Christian commentators here in the process. The problem with SPLC’s hateful rhetoric about FRC, myself, American Family Association, etc, etc, is NOT that its rhetoric is inflammatory. As SPLC correctly points out in its defense to FRC’s accusation, condemnatory language is often appropriate, as in their example of rebuking Neo-Nazis who declare Jews to be “vermin.” No, the problem with the SPLC is they are shameless and self-serving LIARS!! They are liars whose deliberate false witness against Christian (and now Jewish) conservatives takes the FORM of inflammatory rhetoric.

If I, for example, were the monster that SPLC has portrayed me to be in its numerous attacks, (e.g. masterminding death penalty legislation for homosexuals in Uganda and ginning up irrational prejudice against them) I would DESERVE the rhetorical condemnation, just as the many homosexual men who have traveled to Uganda as sex tourists to prey on boys (or became priests in the Catholic church to do the same) DESERVE condemnation. But it is a lie that I have accused ALL or even most homosexuals of being child molesters, and I have been consistently clear on that since the start of my ministry. And of course it is a lie that I promoted the death penalty for homosexuals in Uganda.

I have never accused ALL or even most homosexuals of being responsible for the AIDS epidemic, even though year upon year since the beginning of the crisis our own governmental Centers For Disease Control has identified MSM (men who have sex with men) as by far the largest group spreading the disease. (And how do you think all those women sleeping with bisexuals got it?).

Wait for it….Now hear the screams of outrage on the left, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. “See, there he is again spreading hate against homosexuals!!!” But this ISN’T hate. If I truly hated homosexuals, or even AIDS-infected homosexuals, would I have brought “gay” activist AIDS victim Sonny Weaver into my home with my wife and four young sons to care for him during the last year of his life -- after he was forced out of his home and job as manager of a “gay” apartment building because he converted to Christianity? (Read about this in my introduction to Redeeming the Rainbow at

I have never accused any but a very tiny fraction of homosexual men of being genocidal or cannibalistic “monsters” in the vein of Jeffrey Dahmer, though they dominate the list of “most prolific serial killers and mass murderers.” Look it up! It ISN’T hate to state this fact, or the fact that many of the most important icons of “gay” history (Karl Ulrichs, Henry Gerber, Alan Ginsberg, David Thorstad, Harvey Milk, etc etc ) have been pederasts. Even Harry Hay, the founder of the American “gay” movement was so much a champion of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) that he would wear a sign saying “Nambla Walks With Me” in the Gay Pride parades after that group had been banned by organizers. I applaud those organizers. I condemn Harry Hay and NAMBLA. Where is the hate here??

Social leftists may not like these facts but they are facts, and it is decidedly NOT HATE to invoke these facts in a discussion about what social policy our society should be following regarding sexual matters. I, and most of the other “hate groups” on the SPLC list advocate the biblical view that all sex belongs in marriage and all sex outside of authentic marriage should be discouraged by society. We do NOT advocate hate or violence against anyone. We do not even advocate that homosexuality be purged from our society. We just want mainstream culture to go back to being marriage and family centered and for the “gays,” adulterers and other dissenters to go back to discrete sub-cultures that refrain from marching through the streets and taking over public schools to promulgate their agendas. It is self-evident truth (in any objective review of our national history from the 1940s to the present) that the Judeo-Christian model -- as a guide to public policy -- produces strong families, personal and public health and social stability while the “gay” ethic of “sexual freedom” produces family breakdown, disease and social instability.

The facts cited here are EVIDENCE, not that all homosexuals are evil, but that homosexuality as a FORM OF VOLUNTARY CONDUCT, is, as Pope John Paul best articulated “intrinsically disordered.” It is not hate to believe or state this any more than it is hateful to believe or state that other behavioral problems such as alcoholism or bulimia are disordered. Is Mothers Against Drunk Driving an anti-alcoholic hate group?? Do the eating disorder critics want anorexics and bulimics to be beaten and killed? Give me a break. You insist they’re all “born that way?” Big deal, that doesn’t make my disagreement with you “hate.” And besides, you can’t prove immutability, so we who insist according to simple common sense that young people can ACQUIRE a “gay” identity by experimentation with “gay” sex MUST get the benefit of the doubt in public policy. But I digress.

Thank God that the SPLC is finally being held up to public scrutiny, but it as an organization is only one (very powerful) component of a culture-wide propaganda machine following the Communist strategy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the “gay” marketing strategy of Kirk and Madsen in After the Ball. Every American, AND EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL who has been persuaded to view disapproval of homosexuality as hate should read those books to see the nefarious agenda behind the pretty facade of the modern “gay rights.” (See the article on which After the Ball was based for an even more forthright discussion of the “gay“ blueprint: “The Overhauling of Straight America”

The other day Dana Milbank (no conservative he) wrote an editorial for the Washington Post criticizing the SPLC for listing FRC as a hate group.

Kudos to him for fair-mindedness. But he also said in the piece that the “Gays and lesbians are winning the fight for equality by example and persuasion.” That is just plain wrong. The homosexual movement is gaining increasing political control over the various spheres of our society because it controls the most powerful propaganda machine in our nation. One which promotes and zealously guards the public image of homosexuals as only model citizens and paragons of virtue. All contrary opinion or contradictory facts are ruthlessly suppressed. And this has been the case for so long that only a handful of people like myself still dare to challenge them -- at enormous personal cost.

The solution to this problem is not a counter-revolution defining homosexuals as only evil and corrupt. That is not our belief or argument. The solution is the reintroduction to the public debate of the truthful factual evidence that homosexuality is NOT a healthy basis for our social order nor a form of sexual conduct to normalize to children. And at the same time we need to offer the reminder that homosexuals who desire to live among us according to their original demand in the 1950s -- the right to be left alone -- are welcome to do so in the spirit of true tolerance that defined “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” We really need a civilian version of that for America.

To achieve that, and avoid the moral cliff we are now speeding toward, we need an open and honest public debate about the future of our sexual morality in our society, in which the truth about homosexuality and the homosexual agenda is fully discussed, as well as the Judeo-Christian alternative to the “sexual freedom” model we’ve been suffering under for decades now. One in which Christians and Jews are not cast as “hateful bigots” undeserving of free speech rights. If after that honest debate the public chooses the way of sin, so be it. It wouldn’t be the first time in history. But absent a return to honesty in our public debate the way is clear: increasingly aggressive homo-fascism until Judeo-Christian morality is purged from our culture, and then collapse.

The biggest and most dangerous homo-fascist now on the field is the Southern Poverty Law Center because it wields the power to discredit and marginalize any person or group who is perceived as a threat to the propaganda machine. Every pro-family conservative in America needs to investigate and expose this hateful and hate-mongering organization, especially to the law enforcement and public education communities which still uses SPLC as an education and training resource. And I urge you all to join with me in prayer that God, of His own power, and in a way that is clearly Him and not a human hand, will save the staff and members but completely destroy the SPLC as an entity.

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