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Sued in Federal Court for 'Crimes Against Humanity' No Joke
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Uganda' topic

Source: In House
Those who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 2 Tim 3:12
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On March 14th a lawsuit was filed against me in Federal District Court under the Alien Tort Statute which allows Americans who are alleged to have committed serious violations of international law to be sued by foreigners in the U.S. court system. The plaintiff is a homosexual activist organization called Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), and the law firm which filed the action is a George Soros-funded Marxist group called the Center for Constitutional Rights.

The suit alleges that I committed the "Crime Against Humanity of Persecution," which they assert is a cause of action in international law, by speaking against homosexuality in Uganda. While the plaintiffs insist that the suit is "not, therefore, premised on [my]
anti-gay speech or writings" it nevertheless recites only my speech and writings as justification for bringing the action, except that it separately suggests that my alleged advocacy of capital punishment for homosexuals in Uganda is also actionable. The latter is a baseless charge for which they have not a shred of proof, but in any case advocacy for legislation is protected speech, so there is no legitimate basis for litigation.

This lawsuit is ridiculous on its face, being mostly a rehash of debunked arguments the left has made for the past three years, all on the general theme that my preaching against homosexuality in Uganda is the singular cause of persecution of homosexuals in that country.

Liberty Counsel has agreed to represent me in the suit.

A few pertinent facts about this issue:

1. I have never advocated nor can any of my comments in Uganda reasonably be construed to advocate violence against homosexuals. Most of the ostensibly inflammatory comments attributed to me are from selectively edited video clips of my 2009 seminars in Kampala. I challenge the plaintiffs and their allies to publish the complete footage of the seminar on the Internet. They will not do this or their duplicity would be exposed by allowing people to see these comments in context. However, all of my Uganda lectures were based upon my 2009 textbook Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the ’Gay’ Agenda which may be downloaded without charge at my website Their most devious misrepresentations are derived from my lecture on Chapter 4, “The causes and types of homosexual disorder.”

2. I did not advocate for capital punishment for homosexuals in Uganda and to my knowledge the bill in question had not been drafted as of the date of my seminars. On the contrary, in my address to members of parliament I urged an emphasis on therapy rather than punishment, and, after the bill was released I opposed the death penalty provision. My “Letter to the Ugandan Parliament” (and their reply) documenting these essential facts have been published on my website for two years for all, including the plaintiffs and their attorneys to see.

3. The centerpiece of the SMUG evidence that homosexuals have been persecuted in Uganda is the murder of their leader, David Kato, in 2011. Glaring omitted from the complaint is the fact (well known to SMUG) that Kato was killed by a “gay” prostitute whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover. This man confessed to bashing in Kato’s head with a hammer for failing to pay him as promised and was prosecuted for the crime.

Here is the press release and website of the Center for Constitutional Rights:

I solicit your prayers.

In Jesus,

Scott Lively

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