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TOP 10 Pro-Family Champions Who Deserve Your Support
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Pro-Family Advocacy' topic

Source: In House
Make these 10 part of your year-end giving and keep them in your prayers in 2012
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Dear Pro-Family Friends,

This week is the most important time of the year for fundraising and I hope that you will include Abiding Truth Ministries in your -year-end giving. However, rather than tell you why we deserve your support (we hope you know that already), I'd like to tell you who else I believe deserves some of that support. I rate these groups and individuals based upon my own subjective "Courage Index." In my estimation, the following groups/individuals have the most of it and have risked the most in defense of Biblical truth on the issue of homosexuality. Many others (you know who you are) deserve mention and support but this is my personal top 10, not necessarily in the order in which they are presented. Except for MassResistance (an especially deserving candidate) these are groups with global/national rather than state/local emphasis.

1. (I'm putting ATM here -- please forgive the self-trumpeting).

2. Peter LaBarbara, AFTAH

3. Brian Camenker, MassResistance

4. Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily

5. Linda Harvey, Mission: America

6. Bryan Fisher, American Family Association

7. Mat Staver, Matt Barber, Judith Reisman, Liberty Counsel

8. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality,

9. Regina Griggs, Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays

10. Bishop E.W. Jackson, Exodus Faith Ministries,

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