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Warren Throckmorton Goes to the Dark Side
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Uganda' topic

Source: In House
My supposed Christian brother, relying on the reports of "gay" activists in Uganda, without checking first with me, issued a statement condemning me and calling on the leaders of several pro-family organizations to distance themselves from me.
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Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.
President, Abiding Truth Ministries
Warren Throckmorton Goes to the Dark Side

A couple of months ago I was on a mission trip to Uganda. This East African nation, once brutalized by the infamous dictator Ida Amin, has in recent years enjoyed the blessings of a widespread Christian revival. One fruit of this revival is the reversal of Uganda's AIDS rate, from the highest to the lowest on the continent in a few short years -- through abstinence! However, rather than heralding this incredible feat, the "gay" activists of Europe and the United States have focused their considerable resources on a campaign to undermine Uganda's moral foundations. The success of the Ugandan model threatens their plan to spread sexual anarchy throughout the world under the guise of "human rights" and "family planning."

In response to the aggressive interference of the anti-family Western agitators, the Ugandans formed their own pro-family movement. I was asked to help them organize themselves into an effective social and political force.

My trip was quite successful, encompassing multiple seminars, sermons, media appearances and private meetings with key leaders, all packed into a single week. My hosts were very pleased. But the high point of the week was my address to members of the Ugandan Parliament in their National Assembly Hall. In it I urged the government to shift the emphasis of its criminal law against homosexuality from punishment to rehabilitation by providing the option of therapy, similar to the option I once chose after being arrested for drunken driving many years ago (in my wild pre-Christian days). Such a change would represent a considerable liberalization of its policies (currently a holdover from Colonial British common law, similar to US policy until the 1950s), while preserving sufficient legal deterrent to prevent the international "gay" juggernaut from homosexualizing the society as it has done in Europe and other countries. I thought it was an inspired compromise.

However, shortly thereafter, while still in Kampala, I received an e-mail from a friend advising me that I was being attacked in the United States for promoting "forced treatment" of homosexuals. As I set out to investigate the matter I assumed it was one of the usual suspects in the "gay" media. However, much to my surprise, the culprit turned out to be Dr. Warren Throckmorton, the psychology professor from Grove City College. My supposed Christian brother, relying on the reports of "gay" activists in Uganda, without checking first with me, issued a statement condemning me and calling on the leaders of several pro-family organizations to distance themselves from me.

Even worse, when I later confronted Warren with the facts (I had never conversed with him previously) he did not apologize, but instead dug in his heels and defended his mischaracterization of my mission. I was shocked. Wasn't this the same man who produced the documentary "I Do Exist," affirming the truth that change of sexual orientation is possible? A psychologist who himself worked to help homosexuals overcome their dysfunction? Yet, I detected not even a glimmer of empathy from him. It was like talking to a liberal newspaper reporter. He then wrote another piece against me, which was then picked up and distributed gleefully by several of the most aggressive anti-family bloggers. I did not strike back, but confronted Warren again directly by e-mail, and asked him to stop. He didn't.

One of his most recent articles, titled "Eliminating Homosexuality: Nazi Germany and Modern Uganda," attacked both the Christian government of Uganda and my book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which I co-authored with Orthodox Jewish researcher Kevin E. Abrams. Our extensive documentation of the homosexual roots of the Third Reich (which Warren has obviously not read) can speak for itself. The entire manuscript is published online at

Warren now has an entire category on his blog devoted to attacking me. There are numerous articles, spanning several topics. I don't have a clue why he has done this and frankly intended to ignore it -- until I saw the "Eliminating Homosexuality" article on of my favorite Christian websites. All of the articles take the perspective of an adversary, making a case to do harm, citing only the facts in support of the case and spinning them to mischaracterize me and my work in the most damaging way possible.

This is not the sort of thing one expects from a Christian brother. Neither is the position that Warren is now taking on the issue of homosexuality generally. A transcript is circulating on the web of a radio interview Warren did with leading homosexual activist Michael Signorile. He asked Warren "So you think it is normal, natural and healthy for people who come out and accept that being homosexual -- accept being gay -- and completely have no issues with their religious faith -- you believe -- would you describe the words as [strong emphasis by Signorile] 'normal, natural and healthy'-- that that is fine?" Warren replied "Yes. Yes, I have been very clear about that in my public statements, that the efforts to demonize people who accept their homosexuality and come out as gay have been futile." Warren did not distance himself from these comments when I confronted him about them in an e-mail exchange.

The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is not normal, natural and healthy, and that opposing sin is a Christian duty (and never "futile"), so where is Warren getting his direction these days? What would he say to all of those former homosexuals in the early church whom Paul references in I Corinthians 6:9-11? Or to Paul himself, for that matter?

I don't know why, but I think Warren Throckmorton has gone to the "dark side," meaning that he no longer holds a Biblical world view (if he ever did). I suggest that pro-family advocates cross him off their list of trustworthy sources until such time as he regains his footing on the right side of the cultural (and spiritual) fence. I will be praying for him in the interim, and for the Christian families whose children are subject to his questionable influence at Grove City College.

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