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Homofascism HRC Has Targeted Me For Murder
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Homofascism' topic
Date: 17-Sep-2014 
I am demanding a retraction and public apology from both HRC and SPLC. To both of them I insist: STOP INCITING HATE BEFORE YOU GET PEOPLE KILLED!!!!!
Crime Affidavit: Male teacher charged with sexual assault of schoolboy has HIV
perspective: neutral
from the 'Crime' topic
source: ABC local station
Date: 17-Sep-2014 
Neighbor sees behind the "gay" facade: "I am totally shocked," said Joanne Jordan, one of Kessler's neighbors. "He's a very nice guy ... I'm totally shocked."
International Salmond’s Independent Scotland to promote gay rights
perspective: pro-family
from the 'International' topic
source: In House
Date: 16-Sep-2014 
Says Salmond: “Independence is a once in a lifetime opportunity to embed and enhance LGBTI rights. With Independence we will be able to enshrine LGBTI equality in a written constitution."
Legal Issues 'Gay Mariage' judge envisions 'rape license' for a 'right to rape.'
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Legal Issues' topic
source: BarbWire
Date: 13-Sep-2014 
Writes Posner: "...some rapists derive extra pleasure from the fact that the woman has not consented. For these rapists, there is no market substitute … and it could be argued therefore that, for them, rape is not a purely coercive transfer and should not be punished if the pleasure to the rapist exceeds the victim’s physical and emotional pain."
Science and Medicine No One is Born 'Gay'
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Science and Medicine' topic
source: Charisma
Date: 13-Sep-2014 
More good stuff from Doc Brown
International Australian soldier, father of 6, fired after criticizing army for joining gay parade
perspective: pro-family
from the 'International' topic
source: LifeSiteNews
Date: 13-Sep-2014 
Major Bernard Gaynor, 35, from Queensland, was terminated in July after going public with his criticism of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for marching in the event. Like most western militaries, the ADF bars uniformed members from participating in political activities or events that insult and offend specific religions.
Religion 'Gay Theology' Invades the Bible Belt
perspective: anti-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: Washington Post
Date: 11-Sep-2014 
Washington Post lauds apostate evangelism in Mississippi.
Sports If Tim Tebow Was Gay, Maybe the NFL Would Force a Team to Give HIM a Job
perspective: neutral
from the 'Sports' topic
source: Bullets First
Date: 10-Sep-2014 
So, uneven the playing field so your poster boy for homosexuals gets a job he doesn’t deserve and is unqualified for yet Tim Tebow is still out in the cold because the Jets and Rex Ryan screwed him over? Basic liberal hypocrisy.
Religion Churches warned: 'Tidal wave of gay theology' looming
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Religion' topic
source: WND
Date: 07-Sep-2014 
An evangelical Christian worship singer who has been urging churches to change their doctrine on homosexual behavior since announcing she is a lesbian is at the forefront of a coming tidal wave of “infiltration” of the church by promoters of the “gay” agenda, contends evangelical attorney, evangelist and activist Scott Lively.
Pro-Family Advocacy 'Gay' Agenda? What 'Gay' Agenda?
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Pro-Family Advocacy' topic
Date: 07-Sep-2014 
Mentioning the “gay” agenda in the presence of an LGBT activist or any other Cultural Marxist is like pulling the string on a Sheriff Woody doll, you hear precisely the same recording each time: “What gay agenda? There is no gay agenda.”
Religion Cardinal to lead St. Pat parade with 1st gay group
perspective: neutral
from the 'Religion' topic
source: MSN News
Date: 06-Sep-2014 
"I think we're seeing the Catholicism of Pope Francis come to the Archdiocese of New York," said J. Patrick Hornbeck, chairman of the theology department at Fordham University... But Pat Archbold... called Dolan's decision to remain as grand marshal a "total capitulation to gay identity groups." [Ed. Both statements are true].
Funding of "Gay" Agenda Obama has global strategy – for LGBT campaign
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Funding of "Gay" Agenda' topic
source: WND
Date: 04-Sep-2014 
Ominous: "Lamond has touted the agency’s use of an electronic system to monitor human-resources data in search of barriers to adequate workplace diversity" [Translation: "We will be implementing and enforcing a global LGBT quota system for all employers within the scope of our influence."]
Politics Hawaii gov. blames political loss on gay marriage
perspective: neutral
from the 'Politics' topic
source: USA Today
Date: 31-Aug-2014 
Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said he lost his bid for re-election in a Democratic primary because of his decision to call a special session to legalize gay marriage.
Legal Issues Critics of Natural Marriage Remain in Search of Legal Rationale in 7th Circuit Arguments
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Legal Issues' topic
source: FRC
Date: 31-Aug-2014 
"One thing that was disappointing in the oral arguments (in addition to Judge Posner’s vitriolic hostility to natural marriage) was the relatively weak [I say pathetic] defense offered by attorneys for the states."
Media and Culture Journalists strategize to promote pro-LGBT bias in media
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Media and Culture' topic
source: WND
Date: 30-Aug-2014 
“That is a peculiar and glaring deficit for a profession that ideally is supposed to cover ‘both sides’ of controversial issues.”

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