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Homosexuality/SSA Fact Sheet for Government Decision-Makers
from the 'Science and Medicine' topic
Added: 01-Jun-2007
Published: N/A

Source: In House
Author: Ad Hoc Committee on Homosexuality and Scientific R
Fact sheet adapted from an excellent article by the Ad Hoc Committee on Homosexuality and Scientific Research
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Homosexuality/SSA Fact Sheet for Government Decision-Makers

1) There is no reason to regard homosexuals as a distinct biological group in society.

Numerous studies have found that SSA (same-sex attraction) is not a stable condition. The majority of those who experience SSA during adolescence find the problem has disappeared by the time they reach 25 without any intervention.(1) . Gay activists have references to support their claims that homosexuality is innate, but the majority of their "research" suffers from serious methodological errors, and the rest actually contradict the gay activists' claims.(2)

2) There is good reason to promote treatment of homosexuals, and such treatment may be able to forestall the expensive measures required to treat diseases and other adverse conditions associated with homosexual practice (see Item 4).

Research has documented the benefits of therapy.(3) In fact, a study specifically designed to document the damage done by therapy directed at resolving SSA found that a number of subjects reported being helped by the therapy.(4)
Research shows that gender identity disorder in childhood puts a child on the path to SSA, but defenders and promoters of homosexuality oppose treatment of these children, even though such intervention can eliminate childhood isolation, anxiety, and depression.(5)

3) Adolescents should not be encouraged to embrace homosexuality.

Acting on SSA puts adolescents at risk. In spite of intensive AIDS education, young men of any age who have sex with men are at extremely high risk for infection with STDs, including HIV/AIDS, involvement with alcohol and drugs, in particular crystal meth, and depression.(6) Condom education with this population has been a failure. While condoms properly used provide some protection against certain STDs, research shows that those most at risk do not use condoms with every sexual contact. The combination of drugs and high risk sex has reignited an STD/HIV epidemic among men having sex with men.(7)

4) Not only is homosexuality associated with many serious medical conditions and diseases, it is also highly correlated with psychological disorders, substance abuse and domestic violence. All of these factors are both damaging and costly to a society.

While homosexuality is claimed to be a normal variant of human sexuality and that persons with SSA are as psychologically healthy as the rest of the population, research refutes this generalization. Four recent, well-designed studies have found that persons with SSA have significantly higher rates of psychological disorders, substance abuse problems, and suicidal ideation than the general public.(8) Published research demonstrates a high prevalence of partner abuse in homosexual relationships.(9)
Gay activists insist that all these problems are caused by society's negative attitudes, but the problems are just as prevalent in extremely tolerant countries, such as the Netherlands and New Zealand.(10)

5) “Gay marriage” should not be treated as a beneficial social structure. In addition to being non-procreative, homosexual relationships, unlike marriage relationships, are characterized by instability/promiscuity rather than stability/fidelity.

Promoters of "gay marriage" claim that same-sex relationships are just like marriages and therefore deserve all the benefits of marriage, but research shows -- and activists admit -- that it is unrealistic to expect male couples to be faithful.(11)

6) Homosexual couples should not adopt children.

Studies used to “prove” there are no differences between children raised by same-sex couples and those raised by their biological married mother and father are, virtually without exception, internally and externally invalid.(12) In many cases the authors have misreported their own findings. Given the extensive literature on the damage done to children through father or mother absence, it is deceitful to suggest that purposely and premeditatedly depriving a child of a mother or a father will not have consequences for that child.(13)

The material above is adapted from an article which was signed by the following physicians, therapists and researchers:
Dean Byrd, PhD, President elect of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH); Michelle A. Cretella, MD, Board of Directors, American College of Pediatricians; Joseph Nicolosi, PhD, President of NARTH; Richard Fitzgibbons, MD; Scientific Advisory Committee, NARTH; Dale O’Leary, author of The Gender Agenda, co-author of Homosexuality and Hope; George A. Rekers, PhD,
Distinguished Professor of Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Science Emeritus, University of South Carolina School of Medicine; Robert Saxer, MD, President, Catholic Medical Association; Philip M. Sutton, PhD, Scientific Advisory Committee, NARTH; Gerard van den Aardweg, PhD Netherlands, Scientific Advisory Committee, NARTH; Joseph Zanga, MD, FAAP, FCP, Past President, American College of Pediatricians.
(1) National Health and Social Life Survey (1994). In. E. O. Laumann, et al, The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 294-296); Nigel Dickson, C. Paul, P. Herbison, (2002). "Same-sex attraction in a birth cohort: prevalence and persistence in early adulthood," Social Science & Medicine, 56, 1607-1615.
(2) Jeffrey Satinover (2005), "The Trojan Couch: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science."
(3) Irving Bieber, et al. (1962). Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study of Male Homosexuals, NY: Basic Books, 276; Robert Spitzer, (2003). "Can some gay men and lesbians change their sexual orientation? 200 participants reporting a change from homosexual to heterosexual orientation," Archives of Sexual Behavior, 32 (5) 403-417; Glenn Wyler (April, 2004). "Anything but Straight: A Book Review," NARTH Bulletin, 32- 45.
(4) Ariel Shidlo & Michael Schroeder, (2002). "Changing Sexual Orientation: A Consumer’s Report," Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 33 (3), 249-259.
(5) Robert George & David Tubbs, "Redefining Marriage Away," City Journal, (Summer 2004). Quoting "Queer Liberalism?" (June 2000), American Political Science Review; James Nelson (1982). "Religious and moral issues in working with homosexual clients," in Gonsiorek (ed.), Homosexuality and Psychotherapy, NY: Haworth Press, 173.
(6) Gary Remafedi, et al (1991). "Risk factors for attempted suicide in gay and bisexual youth," Pediatrics. 87 (6), 869-875.
(7) US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2004). HIV Testing Survey 2002, Special Surveillance Report Number 1: 1-26.
(8) David Fergusson, L. Horwood & A. Beautrais, (1999). "Is sexual orientation related to mental health problems and suicidality in young people?" Archives of General Psychiatry. 56 (10), 876-888; Richard Herrell, et al (1999). "A co-twin control study in adult Men: Sexual orientation and suicidality." Archives of General Psychiatry, 56 (10), 867- 874; Susan Cochran & Vickie Mays (2000). "Lifetime prevalence of suicide symptoms and affective disorders among men reporting same-sex sexual partners: Results from NHANES III," American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 90, (4) , 573-578; Theo Sandfort, et al (2001). "Same-sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (Nemesis)." Archives of General Psychiatry, 58, 85-91.
(9) Greenwood, G., et al. (2002). Battering Victimization Among a Probability-Based Sample of Men Who Have Sex With Men, Amer. J. Pub Health, 92 (12), 1964-69; Lisa Walder-Haugrad, Linda Vaden Gratch, & Brian Magruder (1997), "Victimization and Perpetration Rates of Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships: Gender Issues Explored", Violence and Victims, 12, 173-184.
(10) Sandfort (ibid); Fergusson. (ibid).
(11) Kenneth Zucker & Susan Bradley (1995). Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents, NY: Guilford,
(12) Robert Lerner & Althea Nagai (2001). No Basis: What the studies don't tell us about same-sex parenting, Washington, DC: Marriage Law Project.
(13) George A. Rekers (2005). "An Empirically Supported Rational Basis for Prohibiting Adoption Foster Parenting and Contested Child Custody by Any Person Residing in a Household that Includes a Homosexually-Behaving Member," St. Thomas Law Review, 18 (2), 325-424.

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