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To promote and defend the Biblical view of marriage and family through...
  1. Education. ATM's website provides many resources: books and articles by President Scott Lively, links to pro-family organizations, and an extensive archive of family-related news.

  2. Training. Attorney Lively speaks extensively in sermons, speeches, and conferences, empowering listeners to become more effective advocates for the family.

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Islam Homosexual Islamist Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot
perspective: anti-family
from the 'Islam' topic
source: Washington Post
Date: 01-Dec-2016 
LGBT Image Polisher WaPo lets one slip through the cracks.
Crime Yet Another 'Gay' Serial Killer
perspective: neutral
from the 'Crime' topic
source: The Sun
Date: 23-Nov-2016 
Homosexuals disproportionately represented in list of most prolific serial murderers.
Religion Former Chief Rabbi: LGBT activity an 'abomination'
perspective: neutral
from the 'Religion' topic
source: Arutz Sheva
Date: 18-Nov-2016 
“[This is out of the question] - to show understanding or tolerance for this act. You must say the simple truth - it is completely forbidden, and there is no [way to permit it]. You must say things clearly.
Sexual Orientations Government trying to switch teen's sex without parental consent
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Sexual Orientations' topic
source: WND
Date: 17-Nov-2016 
Can a team of advocates for transsexuality, from a school district and a medical services organization to county social workers, simply decide that a 17-year-old minor is “emancipated” from his parents and go ahead with male-to-female sex-change treatments with no further permission?


Seven Steps To Recruit-Proof Your Child
A concise, practical guidebook for parents who wish to protect their children from pro-homoesxual indoctrination and the possibility of recruitment into the homosexual lifestyle.

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"Gay" Recovery
· Why Won’t the Gay Theologians Debate?
· Dr. Michael Brown Responds to Self-Styled ‘Gay Christian’ Singer Vicky...
· Linda Harvey’s ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay’ Book Hits Home Run, Catches Hom...
· Federal judge upholds New Jersey’s ban on reparative therapy for minors
Business World
· Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott
· PayPal, Apple lecture North Carolina, do business in countries far more hos...
· Dan Cathy Takes the Mark of the Beast
· US Marine Calls Pro-Sodomy Bakery to Request Cake with Bible Verse – See...
· Yet Another 'Gay' Serial Killer
· 'Gay' Killer Dissolves Lover in Acid
· Toddler Tortured and Murdered by Transgender Babysitter
· Sex Partner: 'Gay' Mateen Massacre was Revenge on Latino Men who 'used him....
Funding of "Gay" Agenda
· Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elect...
· Citizens confront corporate America’s lavish funding of the national homo...
· Obama has global strategy – for LGBT campaign
· NASA sponsors gay pride parade in the midst of shutdown
Hate Crimes & Fraud
· Police: Gay YouTuber Faked Hate Crime Attack on Himself
· Homosexual Faux-Pastor Admits to Hate Crime Hoax
· Tennessee lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson...
· Man fakes 'gay' hate crime against self
· Archaeologist Believes to Have Discovered Location of Biblical Sodom, But O...
· Islam Is The Religion of Homosexuality and Pedophilia
· WND Posts Seminal Analysis of LGBT Agenda
· MLK: Homosexuality is a problem with a solution
· NOT 'Just Another Sin' Video Brochure
· Treasonous Chick-Fil-A Sponsors 'Gay' Heresy Project
· Former Diplomat Warns: The LGBT Ideology is 'Inherently Totalitarian'
· 'Gay' Brownshirts Threaten to Burn Baker's Home, Rape Child
· Illinois Christian Businessman Fined $80k for His Faith — But There is...
· Christian Couple Fined & “Reeducated” Because They Refused to Host Lesb...
· Report from Kyrgyzstan
· Soros' Campaign of Global Chaos
· The Blasphemous Rainbow Flag
· An Open Letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
· Homosexual Islamist Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot
· 'World Vision' Losing Sight of the Bible
· Post-Obergefell, Moslems demand polygamy
· The Christian Solution to Jihad
Legal Issues
· LGBT activists fill Federal Courtroom to stop Pastor Scott Lively’s effor...
· Not just bakers, florists and photogs: Now printers in same-sex war
· Judge Halts Obama Transgender Policy
· Could This Motion End the SMUG Lawsuit?
Marriage and Family
· The Bisexual T**d in the Gay Wedding Punchbowl
· Obama Mocks God in Response to 'Gay Marriage' Ruling
· Transvestite’s Sick Prank on Girl Not the Worst
Media and Culture
· Gay activists seek to ban new movie ‘Pink’ depicting kids suffering fro...
· Media Misrepresent Alabama Pro-Marriage Ruling to Blunt its Effect
· Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman Is an Insult to Women
· Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1
· Obama Military Protects Afghan Culture of Homosexual Pedophilia
· Obama to nominate first openly Sodomite service secretary to lead the Army
· Top 'Gay' Activist in Military Charged with Homosexual Rape
· The Rainbow Belongs to God Music Video
· The Bullies of ‘Banned Books Week’
· The Left Isn’t Pro-Gay — It’s Pro-Power
· Government survey: Gay population smaller than previously thought
· Never Trump Equals Clinton Forever
· Trump and Reagan on WND
· Rev. Graham: This Election is Crucial, ‘We’re On The Precipice of Losin...
· The Borking of Donald Trump
Pro-Family Advocacy
· Experiment in Kyrgyzstan: The Natural Life Movement
· Woe to the 'Progressives'
· A Letter to the International Pro-Family Movement
· Former Chief Rabbi: LGBT activity an 'abomination'
· Whole-Bible Christianity
· The Forgotten Last Days Warning About Homosexuality in the Bible
· In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power
· The People’s Brexit Victory and the Globalist’s Revenge
· Pray for the Liberation of England
· Let the Backlash Begin!
· Dr. Lively Feaured in Major Russian Documentary
· Russia v the LGBT Globalists -- A Climate of Hate and Fear, Part Two
· Russian Orthodox Condemn UN Children’s Fund For Promoting Homosexuality
Schools and Colleges
· Schools push disturbing 'gender unicorn' on your kids
· CA Escalates 'Gay' Recruitment in Elementary Schools
· Day of Silence: How the LGBT Agenda Is Hijacking America’s Youth
· Graphic 'dating' survey given to high school students in Andover, Mass. Cru...
Science and Medicine
· Outcry over Study that Challenges LGBTQ Narrative
· 'Born Gay' Fraud Debunked Yet Again
· Gay Agenda Increases Suicides of Young Men: Study
· The Common Root of LGBT Dysfunctions
Sexual Orientations
· Government trying to switch teen's sex without parental consent
· Bisexualism Reaches Epidemic Level
· Incestuous Lesbian 'Marriage' in Oklahoma
· Transgenderism and the Collapse of Social Order
· Faith, Family and NFL Football
· Olympics now banned from any country restricting spread of homosexuality
· If Tim Tebow Was Gay, Maybe the NFL Would Force a Team to Give HIM a Job
· Broadcaster Fired for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Blasts Fox Sports for Reli...
Street Activism
· World War 'D'
· Canadian Homofascists Sue Bill Whatcott for 'Punking' Them at 'Gay Pride' P...
· Ruth Bader Duterte and the 'Hit' on Donald Trump
· St. Patrick's Heirs Invite Snakes Back
· SMUG v Lively in the Boston Globe
· The Grotesque Persecution of Scott Lively
· Obama Push of LGBT Agenda in Africa Backfires
· LGBT Activist Attempts to Gain Christian’s Trust. Don’t Fall For It.
· Obama Plans to Ban Evangelism to 'Homosexual Kids'
· Final Takedown
· Sexuality conference has ‘morphed into a perversion,’ sheriff says

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